Sushant Singh came into the limelight for playing the villain in Ram Gopal Varma's "Jungle". Sushant Singh is thrilled that after doing quite a few good films he's finally being noticed. He hails from the theatre and came to Mumbai in search of an acting career.

Jabbar Patel cast him in "Dr.Ambedkar" wherein southern superstar Mammooty played the title role. "I got Josh through auditions, before that I had gone to Dr Jabbar Patel and shown him my photos and he cast me."

He played Ambedkar's roommate in London. He sent his pictures to Ram Gopal too during the making of Satya. He landed a role in Satya, which was only for a day. But, Ram Gopal Varma was so impressed that he increased Sushant's track in the film. After "Satya", he cast Sushant in Kaun and "Jungle" too .

When Dr Jabbar Patel had cast the unknown actor it was because most of the casting was done according to similarity to the historical characters. But the role Sushant played didn't have any particular image to identify with "that's precisely why he cast me," says Sushant in hindsight.

"In "Josh" I played 'Gotiya' which was also noticed. In "Kaun", I played Inspector Qureshi and in Jungle I played Durga Narain Choudhry. For me this role was special, because it was roughly inspired by Veerappan and it was the first time we see a villain falling in love with the heroine and not molesting or raping her."

Sushant says: "Im a Jat by birth. I studied in Kirorimal College and I did my English Literature from there and was involved with the fine arts. I did my schooling in Nainital. Acting started from my school days in Birla Vidya Mandir."